SUBCON THAILAND – 17-20 May 2017


Thailand has long been considered one of the world’s top sourcing destinations for industrial parts and equipment. Today it is No. 1 with large multinational corporations and a wide range of industries look to Thailand  for high quality industrial parts.

Xesa Systems is a member of IAN, the Italian Aerospace Network:  a Consortium of Italian SMEs operating in the aviation & aerospace industry with offices in Italy, Shanghai and Xi’an whose main scope is to support Italian and Chinese enterprises to know each other and develop joint cooperation programs.

Today we’ve the possibility to interview Eng Andrea Spiriti President of IAN,  just come back from his speech at the last Subcon.

What does SUBCON event represent for IAN consortium?

Subcon 2017 and mainly Thailand are good opportunities for IAN members especially for those companies more focused on MRO, technical training and synthetic training devices like Full Flight Simulators. Thailand aviation market is quite new and for MRO and technical training it would like to became a suitable and cheaper competitor in the Asian market if compared, for example, with Singapore. Subcon is organized under the auspices of Thailand Government and it is good for IAN. We know the value of Institutional support and relationship going to a new market.

Which are the levers that move your daily activity as IAN President ?

Aviation & Aerospace is my working life and my passion, I’m mainly an aerospace engineer. I’m a co-founder of IAN and so I can say IAN fully.

In short words,  the main challenge for our future in aerospace business is…..?

There are several challenges for our future, expecially because IAN is focused on new aviation & aerospace markets like China, Thailand, Malesya, the big Asia. It means we have – first of all – to face a different cultures, different communication rules. In one world we have to change our approach.  Few Italian SMEs are ready to do this and it is a big challenge for IAN. In addition we have to consider that new aviation and aerospace markets are “new”, no strong technical background, no significant previous experiences. It means IAN work is, very frequently, harder than other mature markets, but it is also a good opportunity for Italian SME. Last but not least a big challenge is to make Italian SMEs team-work more effective. Other countries, like UK, France, German are very good in making business development together, they are very good in making a real “country system”. Italy and Italian Companies not yet. We have very good product and services but frequently we loose opportunities because we are not able to work together. Fortunately IAN members are doing well, step-by-step, but good.

Please detail us what have been  major steps of  your speech:

Auditors will be mainly thailand automotive companies willing to enter the aviation and aerospace industry. IAN has explained  how this industry is, how they can enter into this market. The answer is quite easy, they have to learn about aviation and aerospace industry and market. The training is so a key factor. I’m not referring to theoretical training but mainly training coming from companies with skills, knowledge and experiences, like the one IAN members can provide. Once they will get this basic concept and they will establish a trusty relationship with IAN members the opportunities for IAN companies will boost. It is not only a matter of selling product and services but it is mainly a matter, at least at the beginning to establish a mutual and trusty relation.

The presentation is mainly a brief overview about aviation industry, its segmentation, with case hystories coming from our companies. The main concept we have to give them is: they can do and IAN can provide a big help.

Thank you Eng Andrea Spiriti for these amazing words and for the challenge you have perfectly described with passion and competence.

Good luck to you and to all IAN Members!