Full Simulators


Flight Simulator

    ONE OPEN DECK LAY OUT: one seat, a pedal board, control motor handles, one cloche three 15″ touch monitors for graphics representation and for managing  the flight instrumentation three 27″ monitors (1920×1080 full HD) for flight scenery visualization SIMULATION SOFTWARE: one commercial license (XPLANE by Lamminar Research) combined with specific interface plugins to [...]

  • Class: Pro

Naval Simulator

MOTION PLATFORM:  X303EH, fully electric, 3DOF dimensions: 1.450mmx1.450mmx270mm – Structural weight: 500 Kg Deck: one seat + control panel with rudder, double throttle and electronic interfacing SIMULATION SOFTWARE: one Xsys simulation software license to manage the motion platform; one set MANTA by CETENA licenses to simulate marine environment, cartography and boat configuration of two fast [...]

  • Payload: 300 Kg
  • Class: Pro
3E Phylosophy
Multipurpose Full Motion Simulator

Multipurpose Full Motion Simulator

The most complete motion technology is combined with a compact 180° wideview system, making this family of simulators the best choice for the real simulation of any dynamic experience: ideal for aerospace, nautical, automotive and military simulation. This simulator is designed according to 3E philosophy: Easy transport (no exceptional transport is required to move/deliver the [...]

  • Class: Pro

Full 6DOF Flight Simulator

The best choice for the real simulation of flight experiences: the system is delivered fully accessoried (motion platform + cabin).

  • Payload: 4 seats - max. 500 Kg
  • Class: Pro

Static Simulation Arena

The simulation arena is the right solution to incorporate your static hardware in the perfect simulation environment.

  • Class: Pro
Turnkey Solution

Full 3DOF Flight Simulator

Recreate the flight experience you wish most with the best 3DOF technology: this compact size silmulator is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of Customers looking for low power consumption easy transport and handling features limited space for installation.

  • Payload: 2 seats - max. 250 Kg
  • Class: Pro

Customized Simulators

Xesa Systems s.r.l. can design and build upon request customised simulators, static or full motion.

  • Class: Pro

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