Training on site

Maximize learning and minimize downtime. More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. Xesa systems’ team is avalaible to share its mechanical, electrical and software competences for advanced trainings related to the orders. The program usually includes theoretical and practical applications for disassembly, maintenance and replacement of spare parts, assembly and [...]


Spare parts and after sales assistance

After-sales is the provision of services, support and spare parts after making an initial sale. This often occurs in the provision of complex machinery which requires regular maintenance such as motion platforms and simulators are. Preventive maintenance of operating components is based on the assumption that it costs more to undertake a repair or replacement [...]


September 2018: autumn means two new platforms ready to be shipped

Autumn of big work like big are the two platforms ready to be shipped, destination Asia. Two new 6DOF motion platforms with payload up to 3000 kg, with axial full electric actuators and a lot of mechanical implementations required represent a new result in the portfolio. The platforms are particularly attractive from an aesthetic point [...]


Satisfied Customers in the World

Recently another installation has been made successfully, generating the mutual satisfaction of the client and of our technical team involved. A new 6DOF motion platform innovative , compact and highly customized , has been installed in Africa. An accurate training session usually allows customers to perform perfectly; don’t forget the importance of a right training: [...]


Weekly review: X615EP, 6DOF MOTION PLATFORM

The E615EP is a full electric motion platform with 6 Degrees of Freedom, granting a wide range of motion sets. This product is featured by high performance, professional lay out, top quality components, low power consumption, minimum maintenance effort. Call us for its performance specifications and for a customized quotation !


Xesa Systems by GIEI srl – Awarded as “Innovative Company of the Year”

CREMONA SMART – TECH NIGHT Durante la recente edizione della Cremona Tech Night che ha visto riuniti esperti, enti e società legate alla tecnologia, l’azienda GIEI srl titolare del brand Xesa Systems è stata insignita del premio “Azienda Innovatrice dell’anno”. Il riconoscimento è legato all’impegno in ambito ricerca e sviluppo di soluzioni tecnologicamente innovative, ed [...]


A new platform ready to be shipped!

6DOF full motion technology - Newest motion technology and new eletric cabinet layout to compact the solution in a whole piece - New mechanical transmission re-designed. Top level business! Call us now for details.  

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